Happy Family buying a car

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I had a great experience at Motorzone because Ben the salesperson put no pressure on to buy and allowed me and my wife to try out a couple of vehicles. I would definitely buy another car from Motorzone. Many thanks to Ben who saw us through our purchase. See you for the next one Ben.

Mr Alan Wall

21st June 2018

Excellent service and highly recommended.

Mr J

20th June 2018

I'd recommend Motorzone because their value for money, customer service and delivery on promises is all O could have expected!

Mr Rick Wilson

20th June 2018

The experience at Motorzone was fantastic HOWEVER......there was one small problem of an oil leak during test drive and nearly 2 weeks after purchase as there is a significant oil leak. My car has now been back at Motorzone/garage for its 9th day under the 6 month warranty i was given and i have had to call my self to ask for an update, i am slightly disappointed i did not get offered a courtesy car as i am struggling getting to work and back and i should have been contacted to be given a brief about oil leak. Having said this i instructed Motorzone that i was not going to rush them as i did not want car back until the leak has been found and leak completely eradicated. Further to this i am very satisfied with the level of professionalism and help i received so far from all staff and hope to hear back from garage very soon. I am very exited and proud with the MMW 1 series i bought and will most definitely visit Motorzone when i am ready to buy a new car in apx 4 years. Fingers crossed to hearing back from garage soon and getting my car back with oil leak resolved for good.

Mr Okan Tunc

20th June 2018

The experience at Motorzone was great because the service you have is high standard and very friendly

Mr Jeffery Graham

20th June 2018

The experience at Motorzone was great because they had the car I wanted. The sales staff were very good, Ben in particular was very professional. Overall very impressed. Thanks

Mr John Hill

21st May 2018

My experience at Motorzone was cracking because it went so smoothly

Miss Lia Graham

21st May 2018

I would recommend Motorzone to friends and family because a good range of cars to choose from and staff very helpful. All went through very easily.

Miss Russell

21st May 2018

I'd definitely recommend Motorzone because they are a straightforward and genuine dealer

Mr Stephen Dolby

18th May 2018

The staff at Motorzone were good because they were friendly and not pushy on the sales pitch, the car was great and on top of that it had receive all the dealership recall fixes in the last 8 year done on it prior to purchase.

Mr Guy Thompson

18th May 2018

The staff at Motorzone were good because helpful and friendly

Mr Andrew Hall

18th May 2018

I first saw the car I liked online and so visited the dealership as it was only ten minutes down the road. As it was my first car I didn’t want to spend a big amount and found that Motorzone prices were competitive with other cars I liked (which were around 100 miles away). When visiting Motorzone the staff were attentive and helpful. After discussing the vehicle with Ben I came back later that day for a test drive; I test drove the car with my partner, the process of which was smooth and easy. When deciding on the car Ben was informative, without being coercive or pushy, and encouraged me to ask questions if I was not sure about anything, then providing answers to my questions. The level of service I received was professional and friendly, they further helped me with setting up my road tax and sending paperwork of to DVLA, making the process somewhat smoother and a little less stressful. I have only had the car for just under a month and happy with it to date.

Miss Jessica C

10th April 2018

I was pleased with Motorzone and would recommend them because the service i received from Ben was spot on from start to finish. I phoned them up the day before, where he said i could reserve the car for £99 refundable deposit, i was travelling from Cornwall so this made sense. In arrival I was met by Ben who allowed me to view the car on my own before asking questions and having a test drive. Everything was explained well and i love the car I've bought. I would highly recommend motorzone to anybody.

Mr Christopher Brookes

9th April 2018

I was happy with the service at Motorzone because of the friendly, helpful and great choices of vehicle. Our salesman we have dealt with before and we’re completely happy to return to him again as he was honest and gave us great advice on all of our purchases. This was the third vehicle we purchased from motorzone and would definitely visit them again.

Mrs Rosemarie Atkins

9th April 2018

I was happy with the service at Motorzone because it was informative, professional and no hassle.

Miss C

13th February 2018

I was happy with the service at Motorzone because Ben and his colleagues were very friendly and helpful.

Mrs Patrcia Groves

13th February 2018

Motorzone were helpful because the service was 1st class. Highly recommend and car came with full 24 month warranty so complete peace of mind.

Mr Joseph Lee

12th February 2018

My experience at Motorzone was positive because No issues or problems encountered for the whole of the buying process.

Mr Bruce Martin

12th February 2018

Motorzone were really helpful and I'd recommend them because we received great customer service and we are very pleased with our new vehicle.

Mrs Rebecca Stroud

10th February 2018

i was very happy with the service given to us although the day I drove the car home I had to get the wheels balanced.

Mrs Sophie Ross

9th February 2018

I'd definitely recommend Motorzone because they are very helpful throughout and helped me when I had a little problem with the car but they took care of it.

Miss Claire Edwards

9th February 2018

I'd definitely recommend Motorzone to friends and family because & quick and simple way to purchase a car and the guy I dealt with was really down to earth and brilliant at listening to us and he catered for us and answered almost any questions, there was no pressure whatsoever

Mr Anthony Drake

9th February 2018

I'd suggest Motorzone to a friend because of the excellent and professional service that I received.

Miss R

17th January 2018

I'd endorse Motorzone because the customer service from Ben was exemplary. He was thorough, friendly and mse the overall sale seamless. I travelled up from Cornwall wih my husband and so wanted to make the purchase as simple as possible. We prearranged for collection and the car exceeded my expectations when I arrived. Thank you.

Mrs Rachel Thomas

14th January 2018

Motorzone were great because they took the time to go through the car tech specifications with me and didn't hurry me when I wanted to come back the next day after the test drive. The sales assistant was very good at letting me take my time, made the whole process very easy (even from getting the vehicle taxed) and I really did feel very looked after.

Mrs Avril Fudge

12th January 2018

Motorzone offers a two years guarantee of the cars above £3000.its seems like a genuine place to buy a car :) friendly staff

Miss Ewelina Jarosz

12th January 2018

I was pleased with Motorzone and would recommend them because they are very easy to deal with, straight to the point and dont waste your time

Mr F

24th November 2017

Motorzone staff were good because I drove away my new car within an hour of visiting for the first time.

Miss K

7th November 2017

The experience at Motorzone was good because the personal service was good, car was well looked-after and we'll presented. I was very pleased wit the 2 year warranty

Mr Tim Ashton

6th November 2017

I'd suggest Motorzone to a friend because Ben (who I dealt with throughtout) was more than helpful, explained details pf the particular vehicles i was interested in and helped me compared each. I didn't feel he was pushy or persuasive in any way, just very informative and I felt I could trust his information. I was also helped in looking for a finance plan that would work for me, again comparing different packages so I could decide. All the cars were all in tip top condition to look at and parked in a way that is easy to view. I would definitely buy from them again. Very friendly, knowledgable, polite, informative, in my experience a trustworthy transaction.

Ms Gloria Bianco

4th November 2017