Supagard at Motorzone Bristol

As the UK’s market leader in professionally applied quality car care products

Supagard Products

What is Supagard?

At Motorzone Bristol we suggest that you protect your vehicle with Supagard. As the UK’s market leader in professionally applied quality car care products Supaguard creates a long lasting invisible barrier that protects your new car both inside and out. All SupaGard treatments (excluding SupaWheels) applied by Motorzone Bristol are guaranteed for three years subject to the guarantee conditions.

Exterior Protection - Paint Sealant

Supagard forms a hi-tech microfilm that bonds to your vehicle’s paintwork sealing the finish against the elements. When you have purchased a vehicle from Motorzone Bristol, SupaGard can help it stay looking new by preventing damage from harsh conditions, UV rays, grime and acid rain. Once applied this high-gloss deep transparent protective barrier remains wash after wash and is guaranteed for 3 years without any need for polishing or top-ups.

Alloy Wheel Protector

The new propellant free Alloy wheel protector forms a barrier against environmental pollutants and brake dust to ensure your alloys stay gleaming and easy to clean.

Interior Protection – InteriorGard

Supagard InteriorGard protects the fabric and carpet interior of your new car so any spills or dirt from coffee, tea, milk, soft drinks, juices, water and similar liquids can be easily removed with a gentle cleansing solution leaving no permanent stains.  InteriorGard works by coating each fibre in a resin-based formula that minimises friction between the fibres and prolongs the life of the material while retaining its natural texture and appearance.

Leather Care

If your new car has a leather interior, Leather Care from SupaGard is a cleaning solution that helps to maintain the supple, natural feel of leather upholstery.


A cleaning and protection kit which keeps your alloys in new car condition with one quick wipe that removes grime, dirt and brake dust.


SupaGard Vinyl protection creates a non-glossy, non-greasy, anti-static matt finish on vinyl and plastic surfaces that increase protection from fading and cracking from the sun’s UV rays. VinylGard helps maintain the appearance and flexibility of vinyl and plastic surfaces while at the same time, minimising the cleaning required to keep them looking in new car condition.


So you have bought your new or used car from Mororzone Bristol and then you lose your keys! That moment of panic can be avoided with optional membership to Keyfinder. Key recovery and replacement is covered for any type of keys attached to a Keycare fob. 90% of keys lost while attached to a Keyfinder fob have been successfully reunited with their owner.

Security Marking

A simple and effective security system that significantly reduces the chances of your car being stolen. Security Marking’s unique identification mark and police-preferred specification helps deter thieves, as your new car is listed on the world’s largest security register with a 24 Hour nationwide vehicle checking service.

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